Help the Disabled


Many people with a physical disability desperately need the support of our wonderful community.  Your generous donation will go to supplying physically disabled individuals with much needed support and services, programs from Horseback Riding, Martial Arts, Suit Therapy (a program that improves mobility), as well as social and leisure opportunities, and resources on funding, respite referral, workshops, and furthering community awareness.  We truly believe that with your donation we can take pride in bridging the gap between funding and supports, for people of all ages and abilities.  Where does my donation go?  GREAT QUESTION!  The committee is comprised of 100% volunteers.  Aside from operating costs, every dollar you donate goes straight to direct support.





To maximize functionality of all individuals regardless of age or ability.

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Our beliefs, people with disabilities must be respected and given equal opportunity in every domain in life.   BAC provides a variety of therapeutic and recreational programs; social and leisure opportunities, resources on funding, respite referral, workshops and other special needs information.


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